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Staff Testimonials

Bois D'Arc has a family atmosphere and we know our residents very well. Therefore it feels like I'm cooking for my family every time I prepare a meal. We also get along very well. These are just a few reasons why I enjoy working at Bois D'Arc Assisted Living.

Johnny (4 ½ years)

I'm very gratefull to be a staff member at 1017 Bois D'Arc. I enjoy working with my co-workers and consider them as my family and consider the residents my family too! I have been here 6 years and I love working here!

Connie (6 years)

I love working at Bois D'Arc! When you walk through the front door, you can feel the love of the staff and the residents. I consider it my second home, my "Home away from home".

Essie (7 years)